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Film& Video Projects

Attention x Shape of You | Piano Mashup Music Video
(Dir. Jordan Mosley) 

Role: Assistant Director and GripFeatured Artist: Chengkai Hu

The Black Formalist Mixtape: A Summoning Narrative
Edited by Karisma Price

Made as a visual component to a poetry series I wrote with the same title. Including black historical figures and archived footage, each poem in the series is represented by a song or image in the video. 

Diva and Performance: The Tragic Genre 

Made as a visual component to a poetry series I wrote about black male soul singers and our working definition of the word "diva".

Most of the poems are written from the perspective of famous musicians who have endured a public form of tragedy and have skewed the notion of keeping certain emotions and activities separate from their public persona. When I think of the word “diva,” I think of how it is most commonly used as a negative term referring to a female entertainer who demands a lot and craves the spotlight. While this may be one of the many definitions of the word "diva", I wanted to highlight how men can and more often than women are divas in regards to the persona they create on stage and how a "diva" means, in the most basic of definitions, is someone who has a divine quality that others are drawn to.

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